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AUGUST 10, 2013

9:30 PM @ The Zoo


4:00 PM @ Busking at Many Fest

SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

9:30 PM @ The Cheer with Pocket Change

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Latest News

Brand New Website

The new website is up and running; now you can get up-close and personal with Hey Rube!! Tweet or facebook us your first impressions or if you find something that isn't working properly.

New Drummer!

We are pleased to welcome our new drummer, Cory Sulyma, to the group. Along with his drum talents he plays guitar, harmonica, banjo, and sings harmony. We are super excited to have him on board!

Got a Black Magic Snare

We've upgraded our snare! Please welcome the Ludwig Black Magic snare to Hey Rube. It's classic tone adds a new dimension to our sound and it's sleek look will dazzle on stage.

Free Stickers & Buttons

We figured that our fans come out and support us at every show, making it only fair that we give back to them. So next show you are at, make sure to ask us for a sticker or one of our three buttons!

Rickenbacker in the Family

We'd like to welcome a vintage, red Rickenbacker bass to the Hey Rube family. Keep an eye out for it at our next show; it sure looks sharp!

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Meet & Greet


He rocks guitar (sometime drums!), sings and occasionally uses a megaphone. He has even been known to pull out the shuffle on stage and likes to joke around with an audience, so don't be afraid to speak up at the next show!


He loves to play guitar and belt out vocals and never tires of being onstage. You'll never catch him without a smile. Make sure to chat him up after a show; Radiohead, The White Stripes or The Beatles would be a great way to start!


He works hard at every show to bring tons of energy. Watch his fingers fly on bass and get caught up by his voice. The strong and silent type off stage and yes he is single, so what are you waiting for?


He's the jack of all trades in the group playing a little bit of everything. Keep an ear out for his songs, they're killer and great crowd sing alongs. If you want to know about a local band, he knows them all!